Technical Insights

We always want to keep you informed on the latest technical developments. In our Technical Insights you will find useful product updates. If you are interested in our company blogs and other updates, please check out our News & Insights.

More user- and service-friendly brush module on HA180

9 August 2021  - Written by: Product Management
In Q2 we replaced the stainless steel brush container on the HA180 by a more user-friendly polymeric version.

Technical Insights (May/June 2021)

7 June 2021  - Written by: Product Management
In this issue of Technical Insights, we have the latest updates for you on our Harbil Series, X-PROTINT dispensers and the GA480 mixer. In addition we want to share some recommendations for a safe working environment.

New accessory for HA180: Monitor Arm

4 January 2021  - Written by: Marketing Communications
One of the space-saving solutions of our HA180 is the tabletop feature, allowing a monitor to be placed on top of the dispenser.

Always wanted to know what your dispenser has been up to? Now you can!

10 November 2020  - Written by:
The latest release of Drivers & Tools gives you even more control over your dispenser.

Technical Insights (October 2020)

30 October 2020  - Written by: Product Management
This issue of our Technical Insights is completely dedicated to our Harbil Series dispensers: HA180, HA480 and HA680.

Technical Insights (February 2020)

19 March 2020  - Written by: Product Management
We want to give our technicians practical tools that will help them replace and maintain parts that power our tinting machines. One way of doing this is through our handy service videos. Or through informative drawings that explain how our machines work. We believe that if you know the parts inside the machine, you’re better equipped to locate and understand issues and solve them more easily. After all, the more you know, the better you can maximize your machine’s performance and minimize downtime.

The principle of sequential dispensing

29 January 2020  - Written by:
This sketch explains in clear terms what has actually been powering our machines ever since the FA192 model.

Secure your files with PC-Smart Switch for HA480/680

10 December 2019  - Written by:
To protect files from being corrupted, we have added the PC-Smart Switch feature to firmware version 2.06.4 for HA480/680 dispensers.

New canister and stirrer design

3 December 2019  - Written by:
We all know those colorants that give trouble over time when they are inside a canister for too long.

Explanatory drawing of Harbil 300 ml piston pump

3 December 2019  - Written by:
Customers sometimes ask us what it is that makes our pumps so good, and what they look like on the inside.

Firmware version 2.06.4 available for HA480 and HA680 dispensers

11 November 2019  - Written by:
Firmware version 2.06.4 is available for our HA480 and HA680 dispensers.

Technical Insights (December 2018)

8 January 2019  - Written by: Product Management
To help you prepare for 2019, new firmware releases are available for the X-PROTINT and HA480-680 dispensers, and for the SK550 1.1 shaker.

HA480 & HA680: agitation cranks greased

1 October 2018  - Written by: Product Management
As with all machines, we come across imperfections that need optimization.