Sample dispensing. Now available for HA480 & HA680

Published on: 1 December 2020
Written by: Marketing Communications
Sample dispensing. Now available for HA480 & HA680

Many paint retailers want to have the possibility to offer their customers color samples of decorative paints. We have developed our solution to sample dispensing; a modular design that can be fully integrated into our HA480 and HA680 machines.

You won’t need an additional machine to make color samples, you can use your trusted Harbil dispenser for sample pots as well as normal paint cans. This means zero color difference, no extra space needed and still the high Harbil speed!

The technology behind the sample solution involves two important changes:

1. A modified pump
2. A sophisticated wet & dry brush system.

1. The 55 ml pump
As you know, the ZeroPurge piston pump is a patented component specifically designed for the Harbil Series. It gives outstanding dispense speed, no colorant waste and requires virtually no maintenance.
Using the same technology, the modified pump has a narrower tube that offers a dramatically smaller dispense volume. Depending on your colorant system, you can now go as low as 0.025ml

2. The smart brush
Not only the pump, but also the brush container is different. Research shows that the nozzle needs to be in optimal condition when dispensing very small amounts. Even the slightest brush liquid residue underneath the pump can influence the color.
Therefore, we designed a sophisticated brush container that makes sure the nozzles stay dry during the day for the best performance, and are thoroughly cleaned at night.

All in all, the sample kit option for HA480 and HA680 dispensers adds a reliable dimension of service for you and your customers.

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