Pioneering Paint Preservation - Fast and Fluid Management's UVC Solution

Published on: 9 June 2024
Written by: Marketing Communications
Pioneering Paint Preservation - Fast and Fluid Management's UVC Solution

Pioneering Paint Preservation


Fast & Fluid Management’s UVC Solution
Available on HA180 HA480 HA680


In the innovative landscape of paint dispensing and preservation, Fast and Fluid Management continues to lead with cutting-edge solutions that enhance both the efficacy and environmental safety of colorant management. The introduction of our UVC Solution represents a significant advancement in our technology suite, aimed at meeting the modern challenges of paint preservation without reliance on biocides.

The UVC Solution: A New Standard in Paint Preservation

The UVC Solution is designed to revolutionize how paint tinting systems prevent contamination and maintain the integrity of colorants over time. This system uses ultraviolet light technology to ensure that paint canisters remain free from mold and bacteria, which are common issues in the paint industry.

Key Features

  • Advanced UVC Light Technology: Our canister lids are equipped with UVC lights that emit precise wavelengths to disrupt the DNA of mold and bacteria, preventing their growth and ensuring the longevity and purity of your colorants.
  • Optimal Light Distribution: With four strategically placed LEDs per canister, the UVC Solution offers multi-directional light exposure that minimizes shadows and provides uniform disinfection across all surfaces inside the canister.
  • Smart System Automation: Fully programmable and autonomous, the UVC Solution allows for effortless control, enabling users to adjust UVC intensity and duration through a simple interface, thereby adapting to various operational needs without requiring manual intervention.
  • Consistent Protection: The system provides automatic head space conditioning for up to 24 canisters, ensuring that each canister receives consistent and effective exposure to UVC light.
  • Safety and Environmental Benefits: By eliminating the need for chemical biocides, our UVC Solution not only reduces potential health risks but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly operational environment.

 Integrating UVC Solutions Into Existing Systems

Our UVC Solution is designed with flexibility in mind, making it retrofit-friendly for facilities looking to upgrade their existing HA180 and HA480 equipment. This adaptability ensures that you can enhance your systems with the latest in UVC technology without extensive downtime or investment in new infrastructure.

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

At Fast and Fluid Management, our dedication to innovation is matched by our commitment to sustainability. The UVC Solution embodies this philosophy by offering a more health-conscious, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paint preservation methods. It not only supports the longevity and quality of paint products but also aligns with broader environmental standards and workplace safety regulations.

The introduction of the UVC Solution marks another step forward for Fast and Fluid Management in our ongoing effort to enhance the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of paint systems. This solution represents our dedication to continual improvement and adaptation in a rapidly evolving industry.
Fast and Fluid Management continues to be at the forefront, developing technologies that meet the critical needs of today and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.


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